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Stencils and Templates

Stencils and Templates

A range of Stencils and Templates for Patchwork and Quilting.
Stencils are used to trace out a quilting design either using a fabric marker pen/ pencil or chalk, or a chalk pounce. The design is generally traced prior to layering with wadding and backing. Then the line of the design is stitched by hand or by machine through all three layers, creating the quilting. Other templates are designed to be used as cutting rulers witha rotary cutter.

Templates are used earlier in the quilt making process. These are the shapes used to create accurate designs for patchwork. Templates vary in the way they are used, some can be used by drawing round them and then scissor cutting, some are used for 'English Paper Piecing' where the shape is cut from paper or card and the fabric cut the same shape but with a seam allowance, the seam allowance is then folded over the shape and ths fabric tacked in place, then each 'papered' piece is hand stitched together.