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Felt is the ultimate craft fabric! 100% acrylic felt is great for art displays, athletic pads, costumes, craft projects, flags, pocketbook stiffeners and window displays. You can even hark back to Edwardian style with a bowler hat made from black felt. Felt is also perfect for some of the more prosaic jobs you can think of such as chair glides and pads for lamps and telephones.Felt has many properties which contribute to it being such a fun fabric to work with: 100% acrylic felt is of superior quality and uniformity, and is easy to cut and handle. It is has a soft hand or feel and drapes well.
We have over a dozen brilliant colours to choose from. Regardless of what project you have in mind,Have fun!!!
Unlike wool felt, 100% acrylic felt is machine washable. Do not let felt soak for a long period. Once the wash cycle is done these craft felt fabrics can be laid flat over a white 100% cotton towel to air dry. This will avoid any heat damage from a drying machine and the accumulation of static.If you prefer, these felt fabrics can also be dry cleaned. Doing so will help them retain their vibrant colors longer.If possible, store your felt fabrics rolled rather than folded to prevent difficult to remove creases from forming. If folding the fabric is your only option, try to remove and refold it regularly to prevent permanent creasing.