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Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique By Eileen Roche

Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique By Eileen Roche

DESCRIPTION Turn the traditional quilting process upside-out with an embroidery machine and revolutionary new techniques!

Author Eileen Roche, editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, will show you how to streamline the process of quilting and applique with an embroidery machine. This fast and easy process produces flawless results! Instead of piecing first, then quilting, the projects in this book are quilted and appliqued in the hoop, then pieced together into quilts and more. These steps eliminate the tedious cutting and piecing of traditional quilting techniques.

In Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique you'll find:

** 12 easy techniques: learn how to do continuous quilting and continuous applique with an embroidery machine, plus 10 more techniques that build on these skills

** 12 gorgeous projects: make everything from quick and easy coasters to practical and pretty totes, plus 4 beautiful quilts.

** 2 world class teachers: along with an expert author, this book also features notes from sewing and craft expert Nancy Zieman sprinkled throughout the pages offer even more expert advice.

Revolutionize your quilting and applique today!

Price: 29.99

Ref: Z9167

Beginners Guide to Traditional Japanese Embroidery

Beginners Guide to Traditional Japanese Embroidery

By Julia D Gray

Taking her inspiration from the four seasons, Julia Gray captures all the beauty and tradition of Japanese embroidery in this richly illustrated easy-to-follow guide. Simple projects show how to develop the techniques and embroiderers are encouraged to create their own beautiful fine silk embroideries.

For Julia Gray silk is the finest of natural fibres and is full of life and shine. Embroidery on this beautiful fabric has been worked in many countries, but Julia finds the perfection aspired to in traditional Japanese embroidery a wonderful challenge. She learnt in Japan by copying the work of a master - her journey was both inspiring and enlightening. Julia found not only a way to stitch, but also a philosophy that allowed her to achieve balance and harmony in her everyday life. In this inspirational guide she shares her passion and in depth knowledge of the history and practise of this eastern art form. It covers everything from handling flat silk and twisting your own threads to working the different stitches and finishing off an embroidery. Japanese design is influenced by the four seasons but in addition to floral motifs traditional designs also use the colours and symbols associated with festivals - trees, dolls, fish, birds and mythical figures. A series of simple step-by-step projects, which include the story behind each motif, help the reader to develop their techniques and learn about the symbolism of a great tradition.

Publisher: Search Press
Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 0855328576
Size: 204 x 260 mm
Pages: 80

Julia D. Gray's passion for traditional Japanese embroidery was kindled by her interest in Art Nouveau (which was influenced by Japanese design) and further fuelled by the Great Japan Exhibition in London in 1981. She has studied for nine years with Kurenai-kai, graduating at their centre in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1995. Julia researches thoroughly, travelling extensively in Japan to study embroidery and allied traditional crafts including sumi-e (ink painting), yuzen (silk painting), shibori (dyeing) and katazome (stencilling). She gives illustrated talks showing her collection of Japanese antique textiles and artefacts and demonstates at exhibitions throughout Britain. When not working, Julia enjoys photography, gardening and running her smallholding, all of which bring her close to nature - the inspiration for her work.

Price: 9.95

Ref: 40952

The Anchor Book of Canvaswork Embroidery stitches

Price: 4.99

Ref: 80305